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[ 2019 ]

The new artworks that Solmaz has presented in these recent years attempt to talk openly to the viewer. In this series of works, the form has altered; without it being forced to keep a distance from the meaning. The blackness of the words and letters do not contain any evident or literal sense; the word is all about the meaning, a concept for speaking. The women of these works are similar to those contemporary ones we meet every day and are lost in the hues and cries of the surroundings. The excitement of the colour tries to replace this tumult. In these works, contrary to the previous ones, the connection with the work is considered to be way beyond identification; it is the viewer that is illustrated in the middle of the frame on the canvas. In some of these works, the bird has been placed in the hands of the narrator of the image with such serenity as if it is not worried about staying at all. The word is this: they will fly together.