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[ 2015 ]

Solmaz Tohidloo works with painting. we face new and different experience to showcase new female identity. If the history of art,the artist’s look,we see that women have always Been the central theme of her work and the way the language is Spoken,women who work indifferent periods of time in certain way In the painterly Solmaz Tohidloo raised her have become. Unlike the recent paintings of the artist’s works to set full of bittemess, fear and despair. These are full of colour, life and decorative motif this time of sorrow and bittemess that gives way to pleasant atmosphere and eye beauty catching created. In the present set as(spring is long) the women of the artist trying to find beauty and peace and familiarity with life and environment,beautiful use of colour and texture that result combined with portraits and female organse formed. The texture image as a visual element that plays a key role in the aesthetic of her work expressly refers to the involvement of women in the paintings of the late painter’s sense of identity. Women how to dress,make up,hair,a gesture that the viewer is taken to show their modern,yet these women are not entirely separate from regional cultural identity and lived experience of women wearing modern women is carved and some woman’s identity only as a memorial and as decorative ornament to hang clothes watched with awe as if these women want to have a new the presence of mirrors in some things reminiscent of the demand is.